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Bruise-Stick™ is an all-natural ointment stick formulated to reduce bruising and swelling associated with injury or medical procedures.

Bruise-Stick ointment is a safe, all-natural, homeopathic solution for the treatment of bruises, sprains, swelling, black eyes, and sore muscles associated with minor trauma caused by sports, falls, everyday wear and tear, and surgical and cosmetic procedures. It does not contain any harsh chemicals or additives and offers a safe dose of Arnica Montana and Bromelain in a convenient, easy –to-use ointment stick that is ideal for children and adults. It glides on smoothly and quickly.

Uses: bruises, sprains, swelling, black eyes, and sore muscles associated with minor trauma.

May be used after cosmetic injections such as the following:

+ Botox: Botulinum injections for wrinkles.
+ Dysport: Botulinum injections for wrinkles
+ Emervel: Hyaluronic acid facial filler
+ Juvederm: Hyaluronic acid facial filler
+ Juvederm XC: Hyaluronic Acid facial filler
+ Juvederm Ultra XC: HA facial filler
+ Perlane: Volume enhancement filler
+ Radiesse: Stimulatory facial filler
+ Restylane: Hyaluronic Acid lip filler
+ Sculptra: Stimulatory facial filler
+ Voluma: Volume enhancement filler
+ Xeomin: Botulinum injection for wrinkles

Laser treatments or IPL can also cause some skin bruising and swelling. Bruisestick ointment can be used after laser treatments once the skin is epithelialized, including:

+ CO2 laser: Laser skin resurfacing
+ eMatrix: Laser skin resurfacing by Syneron
+ Fraxel Laser: Laser skin resurfacing
+ Fraxel ReStore: Laser resurfacing
+ IPL: Intense Pulsed Light Therapy
+ VBeam Laser: Pulsed Dye laser

Best of all, it’s painless! Grab It! Rub It! Heal It!
Skin typeFor use with all skin types. May be used on children, adults, and seniors. Ideal for pediatric bruises and injuries, adult mishaps, and senior citizen bruises and minor trauma. If in doubt about the seriousness of an injury, consult with a licensed physician in your area. Bruisestick ointment can be applied on the skin to reduce the onset and duration of bruises and swelling underneath the skin.
Key Ingredients• + Bromelain extract
• + Arnica montana extract
Benefits• Sometimes a minor bruise or sprain can be difficult to treat; especially if the contusion causes injury to the subcutaneous layer of tissue. Arnica montana and Bromelain have been used for centuries as important natural remedies in many parts of the world. Atheletes and health-conscious adults trust natural Arnica to reduce or improve discomfort, swelling, and bruising associated with tissue trauma. The Bruisestick medicated ointment uses natural Arnica and Bromelain in a convenient balmstick form. The product supports your body's ability to resolve swelling and bruising by working naturally with your body.

• An excellent addition to your first aid cabinet. Bruisestick ointment can be used on young and old.

• Bruisestick is ideal for senior citizens who are taking medications that make them more prone to bruising. The elderly can often develop more bruising with even minor trauma to the skin; often due to a thinning of the dermis and increased fragility of the blood vessels. Simply rub the Bruisestick ointment on the skin and help naturally resolve bruising and swelling underneath the skin.
UsageBruisestick is a medicated ointment stick that contains both Arnica and Bromelain. In fact, Bruisestick was the first ointment to contain both natural ingredients in an easy to use ointment balm that can be carried in your purse or pocket. Bruisestick ointment contains two potent natural bruise fighters that can work simultaneously to help resolve a contusion underneath the skin. Ideal for children who sustain minor trauma to the skin; teenage atheletes; adults; and senior citizens who are more prone to bruising with normal daily activities. Consult with a licensed physician when in doubt about the seriousness of an injury.

Directions: For use on the surface of the skin on areas of bruising. Simply apply the Bruisestick ointment balm onto the surface of the skin and massage into the area. Use three to four times daily, or as directed by your pharmacist or healthcare clinician.

For cosmetic procedures, Bruisestick medicated Arnica ointment can be used before and after your cosmetic injection or treatment. If you are prone to bruising, consider applying the ointment to the area before your injection. Afterwards, apply the Bruisestick ointment to the area and massage into the skin.
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